4 Steps to a Balanced Meal

We often get lost in what is considered as "healthy" and what isn't. I believe no food should be banned from any diet (unless you're intolerant to it) but instead we should focus on getting as much nutrients as we can, especially when cooking at home. I often got the question on Instagram: "What should I eat at lunch/dinner time?"... Variety is key, but I'd recommend making sure your meals contain the 4 followings:

1. A source of Protein either animal (Chicken, Egg, Fish...) or natural-based (Lentils, Tofu...)

2. Some Carbohydrates ideally complex (wholewheat pasta, brown rice, soba noodles, quinoa...) over refined sources (white bread...)

3. A dose of Healthy Fat (olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado...)

4. Unlimited Greens/Veggies

This is my personal vision of health and do not represent the only way to compose meal. Just hope it helps some of you!
You will find below a few examples to illustrate those 4 steps.

Werner SchwichComment