About ME


It all started IN January 2017...

Hey everyone! My name is Werner Schwich and I'm a lover of everything related to Health, Nutrition & Food. I live in Paris, and I have just finished my degree/masters in International Business. I now work in Digital Marketing for a start-up called LesHabitués.

I grew up mostly in France (Lyon, Aix-en-Provence...) but also quickly in the United States (Los Angeles) when I was a kid and the United Kingdom (London) for my studies.

My goal is to raise awareness about the link between the foods we eat and our general health. Being mindful about what our body needs, and aware of the ingredients that are good for us are ultimately the topics of this recently-launched blog. I intend to share some of my favorite recipes and meal ideas in order to inspire you to live a more balanced lifestyle. In the future, I also aim to share with you the products/brands I use the most, create some city guides with my top health food spots and build up articles about nutrition/fitness in general.

Healthy doesn't mean boring at all, and I hope Werner Happy Eats will show it to you!