Get Hooked on Healthier Breakfasts

As most people in France, my breakfasts used to be composed of one of the followings :
- Cereals + Milk
- Bread, butter and jam/honey
- A pastry

Obviously, I thought these were balanced… but clearly, I was hungry just a few hours later. No matter how much I ate, I would usually end up feeling tired until lunch. So I wondered, am I doing things wrong?

Now that I think about it, I was. The first step to this change was strolling over Instagram to find inspiration. As I didn’t want to vary too much from what I used to have (habits, you know…) I tried to find breakfast food that would remind me of my usual mornings. On the one side, cereals. I checked the labels, and realized the amount of sugar into them was unreal! Even the healthiest brands (hello Special K) were actually loaded with refined sugar. And that’s when oatmeal came in :p Oats are made of complex carbs to fuel you up through the day. But oats and milk can hardly satisfy anyone if eaten plain… On the opposite, toppings are essential! By adding fruits (vitamins, nutrients) and sources of healthy fats (think nut butters, seeds) + sometimes collagen / protein powder, I ended up feeling a lot more energized and finally started enjoying the breakfast process at home.

On the other side, I was also used to eat what we call « tartines » (toasts), but I wanted a change. So based on the recommandations of many over Instagram, I tried savory. The first few days were odd (eggs, at breakfast?) but then, I got hooked. I would never feel hungry (no matter how long between brekkie and lunch) and most importantly I would be excited to wake up just to have my toasts and eggs + sides. So, if you want to give it a go yourself or are just looking for new meals in the morning, here are a few I enjoyed :)

It’s only through very little changes in the morning that I keep loving my breakfasts and therefore start my days on a happy note. Hope this helps some of you!